Friday, November 27, 2009

Tut, tut, cheerio

Hey, Jude -

There have been big developments in your world! Yesterday you tried cheerios! Actually, Joe's Os from Trader Joe's. I gave you some on your highchair tray and you looked at them for a few seconds with a rather puzzled expression... then you tried to pick one up. The first time wasn't a success, but you tried again and eventually you were able to grasp one and lift it to your mouth. Getting it into your mouth was another challenge, but you persevered and were triumphant. Cereal is no match for you!

The look of surprise and pride on your face when you got the first one in your mouth was great. You chewed (gummed, really) it and smiled at the same time. You palm them now, but I know pretty soon you'll be using a pincer grip (your thumb and pointer finger) to pick them up. Watching you grow is amazing and more fun all the time.

I love you, my Jude. My hungry boy.

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