Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New this and new that

Hey, Jude -

Here's something for you - new stuff. New stuff is good. I don't mean new stuff in the sense of new toys all the time, new clothes, new trends, new just for the sake of new. I mean new stuff like new experiences, new methodology, new ways of thinking, new ideas, new opinions, new styles.

I hope you continue your love of new stuff. Right now everything is new to you. You embrace the newness of the world with such interest and zeal (even green beans!). I hope that stays with you to some degree even when you are an old man one day, with grandchildren and aches and pains and wrinkles.

New food, new technology, new friendships, new love, new thoughts. Greet these things with open arms. Don't discard any of the worthy old things in your life, but make room for the new with enthusiasm and a smile. The world is full of luddites who shy away from the new because it unnerves them. Try not to be one of those people. The new brings chanced for discovery and joy that you might not have found if you only stuck with the old.

I love you, my Jude. My eager boy, my curious boy.


P.S. You are doing something funny these days - you stare at the ceiling fan. You actually interact with it quite a bit. You smile at it and babble at it... your favorite place in the neighborhood is the coffee shop because they have 2 ceiling fans. So much to stare at and coo at and love. Your Daddy and Auntie and I joke about the ceiling fan being your soul mate.