Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hey, Jude -

I was thinking today about how important is it to have a family around you for love and support. Family doesn't just mean mom, dad, and baby. Family can mean many things. Daddy & I talk to you about this sometimes - how families don't all look the same, but the love is the same no matter what kind of package it comes in.

This weekend we went to brunch with some friends and it made me think about extended family. Sometimes we don't get to see our friends very often, but they're still part of our big, extended family. When you get older you may have friends that live in different states or countries and you may not get a chance to see them very much. What I hope you experience is what Daddy & I have with our friends - even if we don't get together frequently we still keep the love we have for each other as strong as if we saw each other every day.

I love you, my Jude. My friendly boy.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tut, tut, cheerio

Hey, Jude -

There have been big developments in your world! Yesterday you tried cheerios! Actually, Joe's Os from Trader Joe's. I gave you some on your highchair tray and you looked at them for a few seconds with a rather puzzled expression... then you tried to pick one up. The first time wasn't a success, but you tried again and eventually you were able to grasp one and lift it to your mouth. Getting it into your mouth was another challenge, but you persevered and were triumphant. Cereal is no match for you!

The look of surprise and pride on your face when you got the first one in your mouth was great. You chewed (gummed, really) it and smiled at the same time. You palm them now, but I know pretty soon you'll be using a pincer grip (your thumb and pointer finger) to pick them up. Watching you grow is amazing and more fun all the time.

I love you, my Jude. My hungry boy.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hey, Jude -

Thanksgiving is Momma's favorite holiday. There are many days that celebrations happen during the year, but Thanksgiving is the one I love the most. We usually have a big dinner with lots of family, but this year it will be just you, Daddy, and me. I'm really happy about that. It's our first Thanksgiving as a family and we get to spend it with each other in our own way.

History books tell us that the first Thanksgiving was held by the Pilgrims and the Native Americans back when this country was just starting out. It was a big, happy dinner where meals and good will were shared. The real story is a bit different and I'm sure Daddy & I will explain that to you later. Maybe Auntie Marissa will talk about it, too. She's a teacher and she explains it very well. Most people in America have a roast turkey, but since we don't eat animals we'll be having a different dinner.

My most favorite part of Thanksgiving is reflecting on what I'm thankful for. In my life I have many things to be grateful for, but this year I am especially thankful for you & Daddy. Our family is wonderful. Getting to watch you grow and learn every day is what I'm thankful for this year. Thank you, my boy. Thanks for being your wonderful, hilarious, happy, healthy self.

My wish for you is to grow up and know the value of gratefulness. It's important to be thankful and to appreciate good things in this world. We are a lucky family and remembering that makes us even luckier.

I love you, my Jude. My thankful boy.