Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Out and about

Hey, Jude -

It's been a few weeks since I've written here for you. It's been a very busy time for our family. We moved! We moved right around the corner from the apartment we lived in for 3 years before you were born into an apartment just a short half-block away. Now we have 2 bedrooms so you have your very own room. You're a lucky boy. Not many kids in the city get their own rooms. You'll appreciate that when you're a little bit older. It is rather hectic to move - all the packing and hauling and unpacking - so I've had little time to come here and put my thoughts down for you. Luckily, I've gotten to spend a lot of time talking to you and telling you all the things I would have written here if I had the chance.

You are growing into a boy who loves the outdoors. This warms my heart. When you were a tiny baby, only 7 days old, I carried you in your sling while I walked around the neighborhood. I explained the trees and the wind and the sun and moon to you. As you've gotten a little older (almost 5 months now!) you've really taken a liking to trees. You gaze up at the branches and leaves when we're in the park. At home you look out our 3rd floor windows at the big tree outside and you smile. You grin at nature and that makes me very proud.

Being inside is good. It lets you cool down on an especially hot day, warm up when it's cold out, sleep comfortably, take shelter from the elements, all the things that keep people safe and sound. But, always try to spend some time outside every day. Even just taking a walk around your neighborhood will do you some good. The breeze will blow across your face and remind you that whatever your preoccupations, you're a small member of a larger natural order. Respect nature and everything in it. Recycle and reuse and take good care of the Earth. It will take good care of you.

I love you, my Jude, my kind boy, my nature boy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Open wide

Hey, Jude -

The latest and greatest in your life this week was the introduction of solid foods. Until now you've had only breast milk, so solids were a momentous addition. You tried bananas first. You loved them. Next came baby oatmeal, followed by carrots, then sweet potatoes. I think the best so far was the most recent - homemade apple and carrot puree.

You squealed with delight as you took the tiny, rubber coated, green spoon into your mouth. You opened up wide in anticipation of every bite. I expected you to be hesitant, but you never were. My boy is an amazing eater. Your little baby friends aren't eating solids yet. Most babies wait until 6 months or so, but you were ready. You stared at Daddy & me when we ate, watching the food go into our mouths. You even leaned forward with your mouth open as if trying to get a taste of what we were having. We knew it was time to start you on solids at 4 months old.

As I was peeling and chopping the apples and carrots this evening I was thinking about years ago before you were born how I said I'd make my own baby food when the time came. Then today I did just that. I readied the steamer pot, put the chunks of nutritious fruit and veg into the basket, and thought about how every part of what I was making for you was wholesome and good. That was a great feeling - knowing I was helping your little body and mind grow up big and strong and healthy. Daddy and I want you to inherit our love of food and our appreciation of sustainable, local eating.

You've liked every new food you've tried so far and I very much hope that stays with you. I want you to like trying new things. You may hear some people say that you should try everything once. I disagree. My motto is "Try everything twice. Give everything a second chance." That applies to many things - new hobbies, new music, new friends, new ideas. The same goes for new foods. Try it twice. If you didn't like it the first time try it again later. You just might be surprised at what you grow into.

I love you my Jude, my hungry boy, my happy boy,