Sunday, May 17, 2009

You and me, kid

Hey, Jude -

This weekend Daddy went to Vermont and it was just you & me, kid. Well, we can't forget Duke. He was pretty thrilled to be with you, too. It was a full weekend of playing, eating (and more eating, followed by some eating), napping, singing, dancing, smiling, reading, and walking.

I was nervous before Daddy left because I didn't know how well I'd be able to take care of you all weekend alone. You need a lot of attention and care right now and doing that all by myself is exhausting. But, you know what? This weekend was great. We had so much fun together and I felt good about taking care of you. You really liked being outside a lot, so I'm going to make sure you get to go on a walk with me & Daddy every day.

I learned this weekend that independence is a good thing. It's wonderful to have Daddy here as my partner, but to care for you independently is powerful. It made me feel strong and capable and important. That's a lesson I hope you learn - independence is good. I hope that you are an independent person. You will grow into exactly who you are supposed to be. I'm lucky to see that process unfold.

I love you, Jude, my sunshine, my smiley boy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

9 weeks

Hey, Jude -

You're 9 weeks old now. So tiny, yet so much bigger than you were. I've watched you grow every day - some days it seemed like you were visibly bigger at night than you were in the morning. What has it been like watching you grow?

It's been nothing short of inspiring. Seeing your small body get stronger all the time shows how amazing the human machine really is. Your muscles are larger, your tendons are tighter, your bones are longer, your eyes can see farther now (and in color!). Being able to see your growing strength makes me feel stronger, too.

You experience new things all the time. You're still very interested in sneezing. After each sneeze you make a little cooing sound. It's Daddy's favorite sound in the world. He looks forward to your sneezes just to hear you make that sound, like a little chirping bird. You like baths now. Your first few weren't exactly a rousing success, but ever since you've been able to get into the big tub you've had a really good time splashing around in there. Daddy holds you firmly, but lets you float a bit. You smile up at him and squeak out excited "aaahs" and "heees". I gave you a bath tonight. I got in the tub with you this time. You loved it. I loved it. And then you peed on me. Really! For the second time today, in fact.

Right now you're asleep in your swing right next to me. Duke, our faithful, dopey, loving dog is laying on the floor next to you, protecting you, keeping you safe.

I love you, my smiley boy, my nice boy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

my Jude

As of March 12 I am a mom. Jude came into my life in a rather dramatic fashion. He made me a mom, student, teacher, playmate, genius, idiot, mechanic, maid, nurse, engineer, actor, singer, dancer, and observer all in an instant.

He is my first born. My sunshine. My smiley boy. These are thoughts and wishes for him. My son, my Jude.